Free Craft Project

Black and White Felt Bookmarks

felt bookmarks On these bookmarks we've used felt cutouts of a dog and a cat but you can use any animal, flower, or other type of silouette you like. Or, if you prefer, you can use iron-on appliques instead of your own cutouts.

Materials and Supplies

  • 2 - 2" x 6" pieces of felt (1 white, 1 black)
  • 2 scraps of white and black felt large enough for the dog and cat templates
  • 2 - 22" pieces of thin braid trim (1 gold, 1 silver)
  • fabric glue
  • needle and thread



Using the dog and cat templates, cut out a black felt dog and a white felt cat.

Sew the gold trim all the way around the edge of the white 2" x 6" piece of felt, leaving approximately 3" ends centered at the top. Tie the ends together in a knot.

felt bookmarks attaching trim felt booksmarks 3 inch ends

Glue the black dog cutout onto the bookmark.

Repeat the process for the black bookmark, using silver trim, and adding the white cat cutout.