Free Craft Project

Eagle Stencil on Clothing

This project was submitted by Penny from All About Stencils.

This is a really attractive eagle stencil that looks equally great on any piece of clothing you choose - jeans, jackets, blouses, and of course, t-shirts. We've included two different size templates with this project but you can reduce or increase the size of the eagle stencil during printing if you need something smaller or larger.

For more information about stencils and a video of this project, go to the eagle stencil page at All About Stencils.

eagle stencil clothing


  • Fabric paint
  • Medium size firm bristle brush (dome shape is better than flat)
  • clear shelf liner or similar plastic laminate
  • exacto knife
  • scissors (suitable for fine detail)
  • pair of jeans (or other piece of clothing)


We've listed all the steps involved but we've also included the video of this project below so you can see how everything is done.

Start by printing out one of these eagle stencils on paper: small eagle stencil template or large eagle stencil template

TIP: Cover the stencil page with clear laminate (helps preserve the stencil for multiple uses).

Carefully cut out all stencil openings with an exacto knife and/or detail scissors.

Place clothing on a flat surface and smooth out area where you want to position the stencil.

Pin or tape the stencil in place, just enough to hold it securely.

Using fabric paint, put a small amount of paint on the brush. Holding the brush perpendicular to the stencil surface, tap up and down on one of the stencil areas. Repeat the process of using small amounts of paint and tapping up and down until all the stencil areas are covered. NOTE: Don't push the brush back and forth, always tap the paint in place. This prevents the paint from going under the stencil.

HINT: As you tap the brush up and down, hold the stencil down with your other hand to keep it close to the fabric. This also helps to keep the paint from spreading underneath the stencil.