Submit Your Own Craft Project

FreeCraftUnlimited is always on the lookout for original craft ideas and projects. If you have one that you would like to share with other crafts people, we will be more than happy to showcase it here on our website.

Basic terms and conditions:

  1. the craft idea or project must belong to you personally (something original that you yourself designed or created)

  2. each idea or project should be accompanied by complete and thorough how-to instructions (and/or any illustrations that might be necessary or beneficial)

  3. a picture/image of the finished craft project must be made available so we can properly "show off" your work (.gif, .jpeg, or .png format is required with a maximum size of 200 x 200 pixels)

Craft ideas or projects that are accepted and displayed on our website will also include any or all of the following information (you get to choose how much information is included with your project).

  • your name
  • a picture of you
  • an "about the artist" bio
  • your website URL address

Here's what you need to do...

Fill out and submit the craft submission form. If your craft idea or project is appropriate for our general viewers, we'll contact you by email to discuss further arrangements.