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How To Care For Your Crochet and Knit Items

by Cheryl Hughes

Crochet/knit items these days are made of acrylic, cotton or wool yarns. Some, especially for baby, are made of 100% cotton yarns. There is a multitude of yarn varieties on the market today. Such a variety that you can accomplish almost any look you desire, from casual to elegant.

Different yarns have different care instructions. If you know the type of yarn an item is made of, you can easily find the proper care techniques. Some handcrafters provide you with care instructions when you purchase and item they made.

I find that all my hand crocheted/knitted items retain their original look if a lot of care, time and love goes into items that are handmade. They are priceless to some, passing them down from generation to generation. If cared for properly, they can last for many decades.

Nothing means more to some people then a gift that is handmade, especially with them in mind. hey are gently handwashed in cold water, using a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Rinse item in cool water until water is clear, then if you desire, rinse again in water with a liquid fabric softner.

Never twist or wring the item. The best way to remove water is to put the item down on a towel and roll it up in the towel(with the towel not allowing the crochet item to touch). Then roll it back out and lay it flat to dry on a dry towel, reshape the item gently to remove unwanted wrinkles, etc. Do not put a handcrafted yarn item in the dryer. The heat will shrink the yarn.

Let it air dry at room temperature. After it has become completely dry, I shake it gently again to soften the fibers. Do not iron an item unless you are sure of the type of yarn used and know it will withstand an iron. Store it on a shelf or in a drawer. Do not hang on a hanger. This will cause the item to stretch or develop "hanger" marks. These are good guidelines to use for all crochet/knit items when you are unsure of their fiber content.

Using these simple tips will retain the quality of your handcrafted item for years to come.

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