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Scrapbook Supplies

by Isabelle Johnson

So you've probably seen that aisle before... filled with thousands of stickers, pieces of paper, scissors, and little scissor-like tools. What are you going to need when starting your scrapbook? Here are a few 'must-haves' when shopping for scrapbook supplies.

After picking out the size and theme of your book, you will need to pick up some acid-free paper. You will need to know the size of your book so you can get the right size paper. It is essential to get acid-free paper to avoid deterioration of photos over time. Remember, this is a keepsake, so you don't want it to only last for a few years. Although the acid-free paper may be a bit more expensive than 'regular' paper, it will be a good investment in the long run. Pick a variety of patterns and colors that will fit your theme and that tie together a little. If you are doing a 'beach' theme, buy some simple shades of blue paper and you will be able to mix and match that with some pages with beach patterns.

Another thing to look for when buying pages is the stock pages, which are acid-free. They should be precut with holes and laminated on the edges and are used to place the paper in for protection. The paper will slide in and out of the top of the plastic.

Some acid-free markers will go a long way in your scrapbook. These will be used for captions and titles. Additionally, you will find there is an immense selection of stickers and adhesives. Pick some letters out and spell words in different shapes and patterns to make pages more exciting. Additionally, there are adhesives of everything from animals to books to shoes... so find some that fit your book. A final adhesive to buy is photo corners. These will fit around the corners of your pictures and make them look very sleek and classy.

Now what do you buy to stick the photos to the pages? You can always use the simple glue sticks that you have in your desk drawer. Also, look into the acid-free double-sided tape. This will also help to keep your photos in tip-top shape over time.

The final must-have is some good scissors and paper cutters to make sure your photos look professional. Pick up these few items, and you're ready to get started!

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