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Scrapbooking Odds and Ends

by Isabelle Johnson

Everyone wants to make their scrapbook unique - to put their own special touch on every page. Here are a few tricks you can use to capture every memory and to make your scrapbook your very own.

One of the great things about scrapbooks is that anything goes. You have the ability to put anything you want in. A good start to a unique scrapbook is to become a collector of your family and friends memorabilia. Now that doesn't mean memorabilia that we always think of. Be creative. Keep ticket stubs (movies, planes, museums), cards, cartoons, receipts, newspaper articles, pamphlets or brochures. These things may seem plain or unexciting. But when paired with a few pictures, they can bring back some great memories, and they can act as a journal, without having to write anything.

When you begin your collection of memorabilia, it is easy to become a 'pack-rat.' To avoid this, place one basket on a desk or bookshelf. Whenever you find something you want to keep, just through it in there. This will keep it organized, portable, and accessible. To keep the family involved, have your kids pick something that they want to keep and allow them to put it in the basket on their own.

Another tip to keeping your scrapbook unique is to re-think your picture-taking routine. We often only photograph big events, such as birthdays and holidays. You have few pictures lying around that capture day-to-day life. To make it easy, lay a few disposable cameras around the house. Taking a picture every day will become instinctive. When you flip through your scrapbook, these everyday shots will stand out. They will capture the most precious moments, which are sometimes the easiest to forget.

The final way to make your scrapbook unforgettable is to design each page as a whole. Scrapbook pages look best and are easiest to read when conceived as a whole. For each page or pair of pages facing each other, pick a simple color schemes and an overall title. Lay everything you want to use out before gluing it down to find a balance of images and captions.

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