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Watermark Pads (Scrapbooking)

by Paul Cris

There are a few techniques required to use a watermark pad i.e. watermarking, embossing, chalking. As the first step involved is watermarking, you require a few things to make it and they are a Watermark pad, colored cardstock and stamp. You just stamp your image on the cardstock and it appears two times darker than the color of the cardstock. It helps shadowing of stamped images.

Embossing is the next technique that requires

a) Stamp
b) Cardstock or paper
c) Embossing powders
d) Heat gun

Your image that has been stamped should be loaded to the watermark pad and sprayed with embossing powder. The excessive embossing powder should be placed back in jars. Provide heat to the image so that the powder turns liquid. After it has cooled down, you will see a raised image of yourself.

The last step that needs to be carried out is the chalking which can be done in three different ways. As per the first technique, load the stamp into a watermark pad and then apply it to a paper. Then smudge it with a chalk so that the image looks darker. The second method involves smearing the chalk on a piece of paper first and then loading the stamp and applying it to a chalk. The third technique makes the crevices of the words look darker. The entire surface should be covered using a metal tag with the watermark substances. This watermark is then covered with a black chalk. Using an eye shadow the surface is made darker.

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