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How To Turn Your Hobby Business Into Your Day Job

by Jeffrey Dorrian

The American dream is achieved when someone finds something that they love and learns how to make money with it. These days, more and more people are doing just that. Leaving their regular 9 to 5 jobs and setting out to turn their hobby into a full time business is the ultimate goal for many entrepreneurs. While many people open an actual store, others are finding success with their own virtual store on the Internet. Even those individuals with an actual storefront presence are finding it difficult to deny the global reach that only the internet can provide.

Individuals who are creative and enjoy making things often find success in the production of handmade products of all kinds. Handmade soap, candles, greeting cards, virtually any type of well made hand crafted product will sell. As with any crafting business, creating handmade crafts involves time, patience and an eye for detail. In order to turn your hobby business into your day job, you must possess all of these qualities and more.

What type of product will you be selling and how do you plan to present the merchandise? If you decide to make handmade soap, for example, you will want the presentation to be just as creative as the soap itself. Do you want to sell a hot product such as soy candles. Sometimes a finding hot product is the key. No matter the product, presentation is a very important part of marketing.

The first thing to consider is distribution. How will you promote your product and how will consumers learn about your new business? Many new businesses begin at local craft fairs and local distribution to specialty stores. Typically, there are craft fairs to celebrate the seasons. Check with your local chamber of commerce or tourism center about the upcoming community calendar. If attending craft fairs, be sure to print business cards with your information. Have plenty on hand and sit them on your table for customers and passers by to pick up. If you have a website, be sure to print the information on your business cards and give one to every customer who purchases from you.

When shopping for a website, start small and work your way up to the more expensive services as your business grows. In the beginning, a website featuring your business and product line will be more than sufficient. If you don't have a merchant account that will allow you to accept credit card payments directly, consider signing up with PayPal and accept immediate payments directly through your website. Customers can use their bank account or any major credit card for instant payments.

If you are just starting out and business resources are limited, avoid the temptation to take out a large advertisement in a publication. Instead, write a press release and send it to editors, publishers, writers, reporters and anyone else who has the power to get your news published. This is a terrific way to promote your business for free and, as a bonus, many people pay more attention to news stories than advertisements. This is the best way to gain free promotion for your new business and will save a lot of money in advertising.

Jeffrey Dorrian is the soap guy. His website is http://www.thesoapguy.com He has been making premium olive oil soap for the past five years and now has customers in all fifty states. "This is a true inexpensive luxury anyone can enjoy." handmade soap