ATV Flags

Our ATV flags can display our original characters and artwork like the skeleton crew or any custom image or artwork you prefer.

Flag Choices

Our premade freak flags come in two different styles...

  1. small single-sided - 18" wide by 12" tall
  2. small double-sided - 18" wide by 12" tall

NOTE: Large double-sided flags (40" wide by 28" tall) are only available with custom flags.

On single-sided flags the image can still be seen on the back side, though at lesser intensity.

single-sided flag

Our double-sided flags display the image on both front and back. They are basically two single-sided flags sewn together.

2 sided flag

Custom Text

All of our flags can be customized with your name, the name of your organization name, and location. And it won't cost you a penny extra!

Pocket Sleeve Width

Each of our flags is sewn with a pocket sleeve wide enough to accomodate all the most popular types of whip.

Mounting Your Custom ATV Flag

Slide the pocket of the flag over the whip or pole. Once the flag is positioned where you want it put dots of flexible glue (like Goop, Gorilla, or silicone) inside the pocket at both the top and bottom.

Using flexible glue will allow for movement of the whip or pole without compromising the hold. Also, if you replace your flag at a future date, this type of glue can be easily peeled away.

Need more information? Use our convenient online form to contact our Flag Freaks support staff.