How To Information

How To View/Buy Our Products

Go to the products listing or the skeletons page to see what items are currently available. Once you navigate to individual products you'll see a link that takes you to the sales page for that item along with additional information and an add-to-cart button.

Once an item is placed in the shopping cart, you can specify quantity and input your zip code to determine the shipping cost for Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska (shipping for the lower 48 states is free).

How To Get Custom Flags

If you'd like to place your own image or artwork on a flag, we'll guide you through the process step by step. And the first step is...

Either contact Flag Freaks support to tell us what you need or submit your image using our handy online form.

How To Mount Your Custom ATV Flag

Slide the pocket of the flag over the whip or pole. Once the flag is positioned where you want it put dots of flexible glue (like Goop, Gorilla, or silicone) inside the pocket at both the top and bottom.

Using flexible glue will allow for movement of the whip or pole without compromising the hold. Also, if you replace your flag at a future date, this type of glue can be easily peeled away.

Need more information? Use our convenient online form to contact our Flag Freaks support staff.