Free Craft Project

Basket Ring Bearer Pillow

basket ring bearer pillow This basket ring bearer pillow has such a professional look, the only way anyone will know you made it yourself is if you tell them.

Even more amazing is the fact that this lovely basket ring bearer pillow is created from a plastic bottle. Of course, it's the use of classic satin, lace, and ribbons that finishes it off in such a stylish way.


  • plastic 1-gallon bleach bottle (or similar bottle)
  • 48" - 2" wide lace ruffle
  • 48" - 2" wide flat lace
  • 48" - 1/4" wide ribbon
  • 48" - 3/3" wide ribbon
  • 8" x 8" piece of satin fabric (pillow)
  • 8" x 8" piece of 1" thick polyester batting (or fiberfill)
  • 18" strand of small beads or pearls
  • small flowers
  • hot glue gun
  • strong scissors
  • utility knife

NOTE: All sizes and dimensions are based on using a 1-gallon bleach bottle. If you use a different diameter bottle, you'll need to alter the size and length of the materials.


Finished size of pillow area is approximately 6-1/2" from side to side.


Draw a line all the way around the plastic bottle, one inch up from the bottom. Use the utility knife to make a starting slit somewhere on the line and then finish the cut with scissors. This creates the base of the basket.

basket ring bearer pillow image 1

Draw another line all the way around the bottle, one inch above the cut you just made. Cut along the line. Cut another identical piece. Doubled up, they create the handle of the basket.

basket ring bearer pillow image 2     basket ring bearer pillow image 3

Cut the satin fabric 1" wider than the diameter of the open side of the basket base.

Cut the 3/8" ribbon in half. Fold each one in half and sew, at the fold, to the center area of the satin fabric (place the ribbons about 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart).

basket ring bearer pillow ribbons

Sew a running stitch all the way around the satin fabric, approximately 3/4" from the edge. Pull the threads slightly, just enough to create a "bowl" effect. Add batting or fiberfill.

Moderately hot glue a few places between the satin fabric and fill, just enough to sufficiently secure them to one another.

basket ring bearer pillow image 4

Place several dots of hot glue inside the basket base - on the bottom surface only (not the sides). Carefully position the stuffed fabric into the basket base.

Cut the 2" wide flat lace in half. Sew the two pieces together with matching thread, making certain the space between the seams is wide enough to allow the plastic handle pieces to be inserted easily. If necessary, trim the width of the handle pieces.

NOTE: The red lines on the image below indicate how and where the 2 rows of stitches should be sewn.

basket ring bearer pillow image 6

Slip the two pieces of plastic handle through the lace sleeve you just created. (If the edge of the plastic is too rough, you can smooth the edges with sandpaper or by passing the ends over the flame of a match or cigarette lighter.)

With the lace sleeve pushed up out of the way, slide one end of the handle down between the basket base and the satin fabric.

basket ring bearer pillow image 7

Hot glue the handle in place. Repeat the process for the other side of the handle.

Slide the lace completely down over the handle and tuck it down between the inside of the handle and the satin fabric on the inside and slightly down over the base on the outside.

basket ring bearer pillow image 8     basket ring bearer pillow image 9

Hot glue the lace where necessary to secure it. Repeat the procedure for the opposite end of the handle.

Hot glue between the satin fabric and the inner wall of the basket base. Just enough to hold the satin fabric in place all the way around.

Fit one row of lace ruffle all the way around so it overlaps the top edge of the base on both sides and comes around the outside of both ends of the handle.

basket ring bearer pillow image 10

Hot glue the lace a little at a time all the way around. Trim the ends so they overlap about 1" and secure them with hot glue. (A second row of lace will be placed just below this one.)

Hot glue the strand of beads just along the inside edge of the row of lace, trimming to fit one end against the other.

basket ring bearer pillow image 11

Cut the 1/4" ribbon in half. Create two bows and hot glue small flowers to the center of each.

basket ring bearer pillow image 12

Hot glue the bows on the outside of both handles.

basket ring bearer pillow roses

If you haven't already done so, hot glue a second row of lace ruffle just below the first one (on the outside of the basket base).

Now the only thing left to do is add the rings!