Free Craft Project

Bead Star

Here's another great project from Jenny Lawson at Craft Cove.

Like so many other beaded pieces, you can use this bead star as a separate piece of jewelry or incorporate it in other projects.

bead star 1


  • fine fishing line
  • 4mm crystals (or similar beads)
  • 10/0 seed beads
  • stopper bead (any color, will be removed later)
  • beading needle


1. Thread the fishing line onto the needle.

2. Tie on a stopper bead. A stopper bead is a bead the same size or smaller than the smallest bead you are using. String through it twice to hold it in place.

3. Add 6 seed beads, 1 crystal and 1 seed bead.

4. Go back through the crystal, and pull tight.

5. String on another 6 seed beads, a crystal, and this time 4 seed beads.

6. Go back through the first seed bead you strung on, through the same way you came from originally. Then back through the crystal.

bead star 2

7. Continue in this manner, adding 6 seed beads between each section, crystals next to each end, and ends alternating between a single seed bead, and a 4 seed bead circle.

8. This should form a zigzag pattern with the 4 bead circles on one end, and the single beads on the other, as in the diagram.

9. Stop when you have 6 of each types of ends. 12 points all together.

bead star-3

10. The thread should now be coming out of the crystal, in readiness for the 6 seed bead centre. Now instead of starting a new 6 bead section, just string back through the first section, all the way through the first 6 seed beads, the crystal, and the end seed bead.

11. You should now have a rough circle. String through the next single seed bead, at the next point, then the next. Continue through them all. Then go through them all again.

bead star 4     bead star 5

12. Tie off, and thread through a few beads. Remove stopper bead, tie, and thread through a few beads.