Free Craft Project

Biscornu Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament

This cross stitch crafts project comes from Yiota at Yiota's XStitch. If you want some creative and original free cross stitch patterns, you should definitely check it out.

biscornu cross stitch Christmas ornament

Yiota used 14 count aida for this project but any leftover fabric that you can cross stitch on will work.


  • fabric - aida or linen
  • cotton stranded threads
  • needle
  • polyfill
  • ribbon (for hanging ornament)


Start by printing out pattern 1 and pattern 2.

There are three options for transferring the pattern to your fabric.

  1. print the pattern directly onto transfer paper which can then be ironed onto the fabric

  2. trace the printed pattern onto fabric and use the original as a guide for color placement

  3. use the printed pattern as a visual guide for color placement, referring back to it and counting squares as you go

Step 1

Stitch the top and bottom designs based on the printed patterns. Make sure you include a line of backstitch around the edge of both design (see Fig 1 below).

biscornu cross stitch Christmas ornament 1

biscornu cross stitch Christmas ornament 1a

When completed, trim the edges to 1 cm (a little less than 1/2 inch).

Step 2

Take the bottom design and attach the central backstitch to a pointed corner of the top design. Use one strand of thread from the same color thread you used to make the backstitch line.

biscornu cross stitch Christmas ornament 2

NOTE: You do not need to pass your needle through the fabric. Just carefully pass the needle through each of the backstitches.

Passing your needle through the backstitch on both designs, work your way along this edge. Continue working your way along the edge until you finish sewing the sixth side of the biscornu.

As you continue this technique, you'll begin to see the 8-sided shape taking place.

Step 3

Just before finishing, firmly stuff the ornament with polyfill to create the proper shape.

Attach a piece of ribbon at the top so you can hang the ornament.