Free Craft Project

Old Fashion Circle Quilt

circle quilt This circle quilt, made from scraps of material, has been around a very long time, often passed down from one generation to another. Once you create this wonderful classic, you'll want to make it a family tradition - as well as pass it along to all your friends!


  • fabric scraps large enough to cut 6" diameter circles
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • heavy thread


Cut 6" diameter circles from fabric (Figure 1). The quantity required depends on what size quilt you plan to make. On average, it takes 25 circles to complete one square foot of finished quilt.

On each circle, fold over a quarter inch hem and then do a running stitch all the way around (Figure 2). Make sure that one or two inches of both ends of the thread are hanging out at start and finish.

circle quilt figure 1-2

Pull both ends of the thread, bunching the hem of the fabric tightly, and then tie off the thread. Arrange and flatten the fabric into a nice even circular shape.

Stitch one circle to another (Figure 3) until you reach the size quilt you desire.

circle quilt figure 3