Free Craft Project

Crochet Clothes Hanger Cover

This particular clothes hanger cover is decorative yet fairly easy to crochet.

The type of wooden hanger that's used for this project can be purchased online from Clearance Hangers. Or, you might be able to find some at your local thrift store.

crochet clothes hanger cover



Chain 61. Skip first chain from hook. Sc in next 29 chain, ch 1, skip next chain (hole for wire top of coat hanger). Sc in remaining 30 chains.

Without turning the piece, sc in back of first chain. Sc in back of remaining 59 chains.

Without turning, sc in the next 29 sc. Sc in ch1 of hole. Sc in remaining 30 sc.

*Without turning, sc in the next 60 sc (opposite side). Repeat from * until piece is wide enough to fold snugly around the wood part of coat hanger.

Create first shell [3 dcr, ch 1, 3 dcr] in first sc (opposite side). *Ch 1, skip next 3 sc, make shell in next sc. Repeat from * all the way to the end [15 shells]. Fasten off.

Fold flat part of piece in half over the hanger so that the wire part of the hanger passes through the center hole and the shells hang along the bottom. Stitch folded parts together.