Free Craft Project

Felt Shamrock Charm

Submitted by Kelli from Holiday Crafts and Creations at http://www.holiday-crafts-and-creations.com

felt lucky charm Have luck with you when this cute charm hangs from your backpack, coat zipper, or key chain. Depending on what clasp you put on it, you could also make it into a necklace pendant or a pin to wear. This good luck charm makes a really fun project, especially for children.


  • green felt (one sheet)
  • green embroidery thread
  • green sequins
  • 2 or 3 cotton balls
  • small green button with four holes
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • small keychain ring


Step 1:

Using the lucky charm template (or your own pattern), cut out two charms from the felt. One will be the front side and one will be the back.

felt lucky charm image 3

Step 2:

Line up the front piece with the back piece and start stitching on the lower left leaf next to the stem. The embroidery thread should be divided down to just one strand. Start by poking the needle up from the back side and leaving a tail of thread about two inches long. The stitches should be about 1/8" from the edge. Stitch around the border of two or three of the leaves, and then stop stitching.

Step 3:

The leaves that have been stitched are now to be stuffed with cotton. A whole cotton ball will probably be too big to fit into each leaf. Pull the cotton balls apart and only use enough cotton to nicely stuff each leaf. The center of the shamrock should be left flat with no cotton. To get the cotton deep into each leaf, use a dull pencil to help poke the cotton up against the stitched edge. Each leaf should be nicely plump.

felt lucky charm image 4

Step 4:

Now finish stitching the last leaf, and stop at the stem. Do not stitch any part of the stem yet. Use the opening of the stem to poke cotton into the last leaf. Then finish stitching around the stem.

Step 5:

To help keep the cotton from working its way into the center of the piece, sew three or four sequins down the center of each leaf.

felt lucky charm image 5

Step 6:

Next you will sew the small green button on the back of one of the leaves, so you will be able to anchor a key ring onto it. To do this, turn it over to its back, and on one of the upper leaves, position the button so that it doesn't show from the front side. Turn the button so one hole is at the top, one is at the bottom, and two are parallel with the edge of the felt. Then sew the button on using only these two parallel holes. Be sure to knot the thread on this side, so there is no visible knot on the front.

felt lucky charm image 6

Now you will attach your key chain ring through the hole that was closest to the top edge of the felt.

Your shamrock charm is now finished and ready to bring you luck!

felt lucky charm image 7