Free Craft Project

Magazine Fan Clock

This project was submitted by Stephanie from Lulu's Cottage.

This fan clock is a great way to use up all those magazines and get a terrific looking craft at the same time.

magazine fan clock


  • clock
  • old magazines
  • tape
  • double sided tape
  • scissors

TIP: Solid color magazine pages are best. Or pages with a wide strip of color on the edge. Experiment and play around until you have the color you want.


  1. Tear out colorful pages from magazines.
  2. Roll each page with one side being much tighter than the other (this will create the "fan" effect).
  3. Tape the rolled up page to hold.
  4. Repeat as needed to fan out around your clock.
  5. Turn your clock upside down, and on the back place double sided tape all around the outside edge.
  6. Place your rolled up magazine pages all around the clock, mixing the colors as you go. You may want to trim your rolled up pages so that they are uniform. Just cut the small end with scissors to the desired length.
  7. Press firmly.
  8. Place tape on top of the pages to anchor.
  9. Turn your clock over, hang on wall, and enjoy!