Free Craft Project

Paper Plate Crafts

Here are three different projects you can make using paper plates. Perfect crafts for kids, plus they wind up with great toys to play with!


  • paper plates and bowls
  • markers, crayons, paint
  • colored construction paper
  • ribbon
  • yarn
  • large-eyed plastic craft needle
  • pennies or small bells
  • decorating accessories (flowers, bows, dry pasta)


Put two paper plates together and then punch holes all the way around the edges (approx. 1" apart). Paint or color and then decorate the bottom of both plates. Lay one plate right side up and place a handful of pennies or small bells in it. Place the other plate (upside down) on top of it, lining up the punched holes. Using the craft needle and yarn, lace all the way around, joining the two plates together. Tie both ends in a secure knot. Finally, feed 1-1/2' long pieces of ribbon underneath each "stitch" of yarn and tie in a slip knot to create steamers.


Hold a paper plate up to the child's face and mark where the eyes, nose and mouth stike the plate. Cut appropriate size holes in these locations. On the back side of the plate, paint and decorate to create whatever look you want (cat, dog, monster, etc.)

Punch a small hole on the outer edges of either side of the plate. Secure a length of ribbon in each hole to use as ties for the mask.


Punch small holes on opposite sides of plates or bowls. Paint and decorate with anything you like, such as flowers, bows, pasta. Cut construction paper into different shaped animal ears and attach to the hat. Thread a length of ribbon through each hole and tie in a knot to form two straps.