Free Craft Project

Perfect Crochet Flower

Submitted by Susan from Skerin Knitting and Crochet. She calls it the Leona crochet flower, and says that it was "named after an elderly lady in an assisted living facility where I mentored the knitting bee group."

crochet flower


  • 4-ply yarn
  • crochet hook - size I

Start With A Slip Knot

slip knot

The first stitch of your starting chain (ch4) will be a slip knot. This will act as the circle in which you place the double crochet stitches in Round 1.

Note: After making the slip knot for the beginning chain stitch, be sure that the tail end is to the left. In other words, if the chain stitch is laying flat and untwisted, the short end will be coming through the slip knot down and to the left. Then insert your crochet hook in loop and begin stitches.


Make sure you maintain consistent stitch height when working multiple double crochets into one stitch.

Both ch3 and ch4 count as a double crochet throughout the instructions.


Round 1 - Leaving about a 10 tail (for weaving in later w/yarn needle), ch 4 (counts as dc), 7 dc in 1st ch; pull ctr tight to draw up a circle of double crochets; sl st in top of ch4. Manipulate the piece and spread sts evenly for a nice, ROUND, circle. Sl st in sp before next dc.

Round 4 - Ch 3, 2 dc in same sp, *3 dc in next sp, rep * around; join w/sl st in top ch of beg ch 3 (24dc).

Round 3 - remove lp fr hk, insert hk fr back thru back lp of top next dc and pull lp to back of wk; ch 3, sk 2dc after the beg ch3 of rnd 2, *bk post sl st around next dc (to wk bk post sl st: insert hk fr back around dc,yo, pull thru lp on hk), ch3, sk 2 dc, rep fr * around, working last sl st in base of 1st ch3 (8 lps).

Round 4 - *5 dc in next ch 3 sp, sl st into sl st (bet petals) from previous rnd, rep fr * around; join w/sl st in sl st. (BE SURE sl sts are MADE INTO sl sts fr last rnd).

Round 5 - ch 4, working fr behind petals, sl st in next sl st thru both lps, rep fr * around; ending sl st in 1st sl st.

Round 6 - *7 dc in ch 4 sp, sl st into next sl st thru both lps, rep fr * around, ending sl st in 1st sl st.