Free Craft Project

Potpourri Heart

potpourri heart This is one potpourri heart that's so great looking you'll want to hang it in plain sight.

Just by choosing different potpourri you can customize them for every room of the house. Even closets. Plus, they make great gifts that everyone will love.


  • 2 - 6" x 6" pieces of pink tulle or netting
  • 6" x 6" piece of tissue paper
  • 18" - 1-1/2" wide lace ruffle
  • 24" - 3/8" wide ribbon
  • potpourri


potpourri heart image 1 Using the potpourri heart template, cut out 2 pieces of tulle or netting.

With the 2 pieces lined up, pin them both to the tissue paper. (The tissue paper helps hold them in place while you sew them together.)

Referring to the template, hand stitch along the red line.

Stuff the heart with potpourri and then stitch the heart shut along the blue line. (If necessary, add more potpourri when the heart is almost completely closed. The goal is to get the heart as full as possible.)

potpourri heart image 2

Starting at the top center of the heart (in the " V "), sew the lace ruffle in place all the way around.

potpourri heart image 3

At the beginning and end of the ruffle, fold over a double hem and pin.

potpourri heart image 4

Stitch both folds to hold them in place. Fold the ribbon in half. With the fold at the top and an inch above the top of the ruffle, pin each side over the top of each fold.

potpourri heart image 5

Stitch the ribbon in place and then tie into a small bow.

potpourri heart