Free Craft Project

Quilled Christmas Angel

Quilling Instructions

quilled christmas angel


  • Quilling tool
  • Quilling board
  • straight pins
  • glue


Using 8" paper strips, make the following scrolls.

  • 3 tight orange scrolls
  • 1 loose white scroll
  • 2 very loose white teardrop scrolls
  • 1 loose pink scroll
  • 7 loose pink teardrop scrolls
  • 1 tight pink teardrop scroll

Referring to the angel picture above as a guide, glue and pin the loose white scroll to the loose pink scroll. This is the head and the body of the angel.

Glue and pin the tight orange scrolls across the top of the head for a halo.

Glue and pin white teardrop scrolls to the side of the body for wings.

Glue and pin the pink eye scrolls together for the bottom part of the body. First put one teardrop (pointing up) directly under the body. Then use the other teardrops pointing inwards towards the first teardrop, going down. Use tight teardrio for the middle at the very bottom.