Free Craft Project

Quilled Christmas Candy Cane

Quilling Instructions

quilled christmas candy cane

Finished size: 2-1/2" tall


  • quilling paper (or colored copier paper) cut in 1/8" wide strips
  • quilling board (or corrugated cardboard covered with waxed paper)
  • glue
  • straight pins


Make the following scrolls using strips which are 8 inches long.

  • 5 loose pink or red scrolls
  • 5 loose white scrolls
  • 3 tight red scrolls
  • 2 tight green pinched squares (marquise with 4 corners)
  • 2 loose green pinched squares (marquise with 4 corners)

Assemble the loose red and white scrolls into the shape of a candy cane and glue and pin them on the quilling board.

Glue one of the smaller green pinched squares to the top of a larger green pinched square. This is one holly leaf. Repeat for the other leaf.

Glue the two holly leaves together with the 3 berries on top and then glue and pin.

When the glue is dry, glue the holly onto the candy cane, and then pin in place.