Free Craft Project

Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilling Instructions

quilled Christmas tree

Finished size: 1-1/2" tall


  • quilling paper (or colored copier paper) cut in 1/8" wide strips
  • quilling board (or corrugated cardboard covered with waxed paper)
  • glue
  • straight pins


Quill all of the following scrolls:

  • 10 tight green scrolls from 8" long strips
  • 3 tight yellow scolls from 4" long strips
  • 3 tight pink scrolls from 4" long strips
  • 1 tight white S scroll from 8" long strip
  • 1 tight gold/orange square/diamond from 8" long strip

Assemble the green scrolls into a pyramid shape on your quilling board, securing with glue and pins.

Place the ornaments (pink and yellow scrolls) on the tree with glue and pins.

Glue the star (gold square) on top of tree and secure with a pin. Attach the S scroll on the bottom for the trunk of the tree, and then pin in place as necessary.