Free Craft Project

Toilet Paper Flower Vase

This toilet paper flower vase is one of the easiest craft projects you can create. You can even get the kids involved because it's simply a matter of assembling a few items. Plus, you can put any twist on this you like.

In addition to being a flower vase, you can turn this project into party or holiday decorations just by changing the fabric print or adding related accessories (like a spider for Halloween or a picture for a baby shower).

There are so many themes that you can follow. Holidays, brithdays, baby showers, weddings. Just use a theme-based fabric and theme-based flowers or plants.

Whether you make flower vases or create unique event-related items, the only limit is your own imagination.

toilet paper roll flower vase


  • roll of toilet paper
  • piece of fabric (approximately 18" - 20" square)
  • artificial flowers


toilet paper roll flower vase 1

Center the roll of toilet paper on the wrong side of the fabric.

toilet paper roll flower vase 2

Pull up one edge of the fabric and tuck the excess into the center of the toilet paper roll.

toilet paper roll flower vase 2

Carefully pleating and adjusting, continue around until all the fabric is tucked snuggly into the center.

toilet paper roll flower vase 3 toilet paper roll flower vase 4

Now you can arrange the flowers within the center hole. (If the flowers won't go in easily, make sure you push the fabric completely down into the hole so that the center is clear and open.)