Free Craft Project

Climbing Monkey Toy and Climbing Bird Toy

climbing monkey toy

This is an old time folk toy that any child is sure to enjoy. Just tug on one side and then the other to make the monkey (or bird) climb up the cord.


  • 1" wood stock (or quality plywood)
  • piece of 1 X 2
  • drapery cord (or equivalent)
  • acrylic paint

Bird Template
Monkey Template


Print out one or both of the templates provided (see links below). Trace the pattern onto a piece of 1" wood stock (or quality grade plywood) and then cut the shapes with a band or scroll saw.

Drill holes in arms (or wings) to receive drapery cord. The most important part of this project is the 45 degree angle at which the holes are drilled (dotted lines on illustrations). If the holes are not drilled at this angle, the monkey (or bird) will not "climb".

Once the holes are drilled, sand and then detail the piece with acrylic paint.

climbing bird toy