Free Craft Project

Pussycat Hat Crochet

This is the crochet version of the pussycat hat. It's real easy to make, even if you're just a crochet newbie. All you need to know is single and double crochet!

crochet pussycat hat image 1


  • pink yarn
  • white yarn
  • crochet hook size 8
  • yarn needle (or similar large-eye needle)


Chain 63.

Sc in 2nd chain from hook. Sc in each remaining chain.

Ch 3, turn. Skip 1st sc. Dc in each remaining sc.

*Ch 3, turn.

Skip 1st dc. Dc in each remaining dc. Dc in top of starting ch 3.

Repeat from * until piece measures 6-1/2".

Change to white yarn.

*Ch 3, turn.

Skip first dc. Dc in each remaining dc.

Repeat from * for one more row.

Tie off.

Sew side seams together.

crochet pussycat hat image 2

Position sewn side seam to center of the piece and then sew the top seam.

crochet pussycat hat image 3

Turn right side out and poke the two corners all the way out to form the tips of the cat ears.

That's it. Your pussycat hat is done!


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