Free Craft Project

Buttonless Crochet Topped Kitchen Towel

This is similar to the crochet top dish towels but instead of a button on top, it has a hole so you can simply hang the towel on a hook. There's also another version of this buttonless crochet topped kitchen towel that's a bit more decorative.

buttonless crochet top kitchen towel

The towel used in this project was purchased at Family Dollar store for one dollar. What you want are towels that have duplicate patterns on both the top and bottom halves. That way, you can cut them in half and make two identical towels.


  • terrycloth kitchen towel
  • 1/2 skein yarn (completes two towels)
  • size "G" crochet hook
  • size "F" crochet hook
  • sewing needle and thread
  • awl (or similar sharp object)


crochet dish towels figure Cut the dish towel in half (Fig 1). Fold over the cut edge 1/4" and stitch in place, like a single fold hem. Using an awl - or something similar - punch holes 3/8" apart all the way across. (Fig. 2).

Using the size F crochet hook, and with the right side of the towel facing you, sc over the hem all the way across the towel placing a sc in each hole that you created.

NOTE: Using the smaller size F crochet hook makes it easier to work in and out of the holes.

Switch to the size G crochet hook.

Row 1 - Ch 3, turn, dc in each sc across.

Row 2 - Ch 3, turn. * Dc in next dc, skip next dc, dc in next 2 dc, skip next dc, repeat from * all the way across.

Row 3 - Ch 3, turn. * Skip 1 dc, dc in next dc, repeat from * all the way across.

Row 4 - Repeat Row 3.

Row 5 - Ch 3 (counts as first dc), turn. 6 dc, all evenly spaced (a total of 7 dc across the row).

Row 6 - Ch 3, turn. Dc in next 2 dc, ch 1, skip 1 dc and dc in next 2 dc (hole made).

Row 7 - Turn, sk 1st dc, hdc in next dc, dc in next dc, tr in ch-1 sp, dc in next dc, hdc in next dc, sl st in top of ch-3.

Fasten off.