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Candle Making - Hurricane Luminaria Candle

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  • 4" x 4" x 9.5" square metal hurricane mold (or half gallon milk carton)
  • 1 wick clip
  • 1 wood lighting stick
  • 1 butter knife
  • 6 lbs. of 160 wax
  • 8" 32-24 cotton core waxed wick
  • 1/2 lb. of 128 wax

Melt 6 lbs. of 161° Hurricane/Over-dip wax. Heat the wax to 204° F.

When the wax is at 204° F pour it into the mold. Pour to about 1" from the top of the mold.

Allow the wax to cool for one and a half hours. A skin will form across the surface of the wax.

wax skin cut pouring wax

Using a butter knife, cut and remove the skin from the surface of the wax. Pour out the remaining liquid wax.

WARNING! LIQUID WAX IS HOT! (The mold will be extremely hot. Use oven mitts or wrap the mold in a dish towel before handling. Always pour away from yourself. Wax may drip or spill.)

Allow the soft shell of wax to cool for at least six hours.

Melt a half a pound of 128° container votive wax. Heat to 190° F. Pour the melted container wax into the hardened shell.

Attach a wick clip to the end of an 8" length of 32-24 cotton core wick. Tie the wick to the center of a wood lighting stick. Place the wick assembly across the top of the mold. Make sure that the wick is hanging straight in the center of the mold.

hurricane candle wick hurricane candle wick 2

Let the container wax cool for at least six hours.

hurricane candle wick 3 hurricane candle wick 4

Trim the wick to 1/4". Remove the candle from the mold.

remove hurricane candle mold finish hurricane candle

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